Knobelsdorff Electric’s workforce also specializes in the installation of in-ground electrical systems. Our fleet includes the equipment necessary to meet the demand for underground electrical construction and cable plowing including trenchers, directional drilling machines, excavators, and conduit and wire handling equipment.

When you’re running electrical wire underground, it’s something you want done right the first time. Our dedication to planning, preparation, and high-quality execution makes us an ideal partner for projects involving underground electrical wire.

We can handle all aspects of your project from design and permitting through installation and ongoing service needs. Our underground electrical wire work includes:

  • Directional drilling and trenching
  • Cable termination and splicing
  • Joint utility trench
  • Conduit, Ductbank, and manhole systems
  • Installation of buried wire and wire in conduit
Underground Construction at Knobelsdorff Electric

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