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Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet Thaddeus

Posted by: Brittney Boe on May 28

Thaddeus earned his journeyman license in 2005, and he’s been with Knobelsdorff Electric for the past three years. I had the opportunity to ask Thaddeus about his experience with us and share a little bit about what it takes to be a Project Manager at Knobelsdorff Electric.

A Typical Day

Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet Thaddeus

Electrical careers are always going to be different depending on where you work. I learned pretty quickly that there really isn’t a typical work day for a Project Manager at Knobelsdorff Electric. I think I got a chuckle out of both Shane and Brian when I asked them. But like many of our employees, not doing the same thing day after day is a bonus.

Thaddeus finds himself splitting time onsite and in the office, “When the project needs it, I’ll be onsite quite a bit, wearing my tools and doing work you wouldn’t think a Project Manager normally does. I might be sitting in a meeting with a button-up shirt on one day and working out in the field the next.”


Project Managers communicate with just about anybody related to their project. They’re speaking directly with the client throughout the entire project, asking questions and receiving updates. They’re talking with the general contractor to get installation info. And, of course, talking to their team and giving them the direction they need. “A lot of people understand the physical aspect and the general know-how to get the work done, but they don’t realize how important social skills are too. You have to be able to communicate to finish a project successfully.”

Attention to Detail

Project Managers are responsible for the larger aspects of bringing a project together, but they also have to pay attention to the small details. This involves seeing the project through a customer’s eyes. Thaddeus has a great eye for detail:

“I can pick out a crooked pipe from 100 feet away - I get that from Karl. If there’s a crooked pipe on the site, I’m going to make sure we fix it. And that eye for detail? It builds trust with customers. If the pipe is straight they can trust we’re doing the wiring correctly as well.”

That trust customers have with Knobelsdorff Electric is something we take very seriously, and we’re thankful to have employees who realize its value, too. If you’re interested in joining the Knobelsdorff team, apply now:

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