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Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet Shane

Posted by: Brittney Boe on Apr 10

There are a few long-time employees who’ve played a hand in shaping Knobelsdorff into the company it is today. And when I – or anybody else – talks about how great of a place Knobelsdorff is to work, those employees deserve their share of the credit. Shane is one of those employees.

When I asked Shane for his two cents on working at KEI, here’s what he had to say, “It’s a good place to work. A place where you can learn from your mistakes. You get the opportunity to learn how to do things on your own. We’re always there to help if anyone needs it.”

Working His Way Up

Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet ShaneYou wouldn’t guess it by looking at him, but Shane has been with Knobelsdorff for over two decades. In 1996, while he was in still in high school, he spent his summers working at KEI. Back then, Shane was doing whatever needed to be done around the shops and learning the tricks of the trade.

After finishing college in 1999, Shane started full-time, focusing on residential work, service calls, and completing his apprenticeship. After racking up enough hours to be eligible, Shane passed the test to become a journeyman.

As more and more work started coming in, Shane started working on job estimates and covering some of the project management details. Soon after, he was laying out jobs and getting things ready so the guys out in the field could take over. Nowadays, Shane is a Senior Project Manager at KEI, managing the majority of our dairy industry and food processing projects.

Respect and Reputation

Part of the reason Shane built his career at KEI is the family atmosphere. “Our shop is a very close-knit shop. A lot like family. We all know each other very well. Guys out here don’t have to figure it all out themselves. If you’re stuck on something, you could call any of our foremen right now and talk it out. We’re never going to leave somebody hanging. It’s all about respect and reputation.”

Shane knows from personal experience what it’s like to learn the ropes and build a career from the ground up at KEI, and he’s thankful to have done it at a place that supports people as they learn.

“There’s not a single person out there or in here who knows everything. You got to be able to listen to what people are going to tell you and to be open-minded and able to take constructive criticism. You got to learn from your mistakes.”

If you’re interested in building your career at Knobelsdorff, check out our open positions. We have project manager jobs, journeyman electrician positions, and more.

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