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Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet Mitch

Posted by: Brittney Boe on Mar 28

Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet MitchMitch joined the Knobelsdorff team a little over four years ago. The switch helped him shave about thirty minutes off of his daily commute, each way. Working closer to home is great, especially when you have three young kids at home.

What he found when he got here was even better. “Because it’s a family-oriented business here, they understand when you have something to take care of with your own family. Nowadays, that’s huge.”

Industrial Electrician Jobs at KEI

As one of our industrial journeyman electricians, Mitch mainly works on electrical controlling and different types of industrial electrical work for mills, assembly line work, and production line work. “What I do on the day to day always varies, but no matter what job I’m on, we’re always busy. There’s always plenty of work.”

Since the type of work is always changing from day-to-day, Knobelsdorff supports their electricians when they want to learn new skills. “They’re willing to train you to grow. If you want to further your skills in a certain area, they’ll support you. I’ve been to a couple of classes on medium voltage and stray voltage, and I’ve had the opportunity to put those skills to the test out in the field.”

Job Satisfaction

“For me, it’s the positive attitudes at work and the respect you get from customers. Working for a company that focuses on doing a good job means a lot. Sometimes, we come into a new client’s facility and see the hack job their previous electrician put together. We don’t do that. We do high-quality work. Customers know that and expect that, and working here, you become part of that reputation.”

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