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Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet Joe

Posted by: Brittney Boe on Jun 11

Joe is a Project Manager on our solar projects. He joined the Knobelsdorff Electric team with 20 years of electrical experience, and now he’s been with us for just over two years. I took a few moments to ask Joe how he ended up working at Knobelsdorff and what keeps him here.

Joining the Knobelsdorff TeamJoe Linn, KEI Project Manager

It was really by chance that Joe ended up working with us. He was referred by a friend who already worked here, and after an interview, he was offered a job. It didn’t take Joe long to realize working at KEI was different from other electrical companies. “It was the competitive wages and the benefits that got me here, but it’s the company and the leadership that keeps me here. To enjoy your company and enjoy your coworkers, it’s a rarity.”

Finding a Great Work Environment

When Joe joined KEI, he started out in the field doing electrical work. He noticed that the leaders were out in the field too, working side by side with their crews. It wasn’t long before the leadership noticed Joe’s work ethic and got him onto a project management track.

He found out firsthand that KEI is a great environment if you want to grow and learn.

“KEI is a good environment for apprentice electricians. In reality, it’s just a good place for anybody who’s looking to learn. Anyone could get a good start here, electrician or otherwise.” Even though Joe had a lot of electrical experience, before joining KEI he hadn’t been in a leadership position.

Respecting Leadership

I asked Joe to choose just one thing about working at Knobelsdorff that he appreciates the most, and he said,

“The dynamic. Most of the companies I’ve worked for had people who didn’t even like or respect their bosses. It’s not like that here. Karl has a work ethic that’ll amaze you. He pulls up to job sites in a company truck, joins right alongside you in the wire pull or wherever he’s needed and heads off to the next thing that needs to be done. When you see commitment like that from the owner of a company, it’s contagious.”   

If you’re interested in joining the Knobelsdorff team, you can view our open positions here.

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