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What's New at Knobelsdorff Electric in 2018?

Posted by: Brittney Boe on Jan 29

A lot of things at Knobelsdorff stay the same year over year. For instance, our company is family-owned, family-run, and merit-based. Those things are at the core of who we are, and they do not show any signs of changing. But there will be some newness in the coming year.

If I had to size up what to expect in 2018 in one word, I would choose "Growth."

Knobelsdorff Electric is Growing

What's New at Knobelsdorff Electric in 2018?This year is going to be a year of growth at KEI. Our reputation for thorough, high-quality project work has grown, and it's resulting in more clients. So this year, we have a new location, new employee benefits, and opportunities for new team members.  

A New Location

We're excited to announce that we have opened a new location in Eagan, MN. This location will house our Automation & Controls along with our UL panel building Shop as well as another location for our electrical engineering and installation teams.

This new location will be a great opportunity for Electrical AutoCAD designers and entry-level Electrical Engineers looking for work in the Twin Cities Metro area. 

More Benefits for Our Employees

Throughout the history of our company, we've remained dedicated to providing new and existing employees with great benefits that are both valuable and industry-competitive. In 2018, we are expanding the health benefits KEI employees receive. Prior to this change, we offered individual coverage and we now offer family medical coverage.

We saw this as an opportunity to better meet the needs of our existing employees and attract new people to our growing team. Because we're also seeking new team members in 2018. For those of you who are looking or know someone who might be, we have available electrician jobsengineering jobs, and more

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