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Top 4 Questions about Working at Knobelsdorff Electric Answered

Posted by: Brittney Boe on Feb 8

Working in Human Resources at Knobelsdorff Electric means I get the opportunity to work with a lot of our applicants before they join our company. I get to let people know more about how we work and what we do, and I get to answer a bunch of questions too. Here are the top four questions I get asked by potential new hires.

Where Will I be Working?

Top 4 Questions about Working at Knobelsdorff Electric AnsweredBecause there is so much that we do at Knobelsdorff Electric – from industries we serve to services we provide – it’s pretty normal for our applicants to wonder where they’ll be at. For instance, journeyman electricians can travel or work locally, and they can work on all sorts of projects from residential to industrial and solar.

Some of our other positions, like Electrical Project Managers, Electrical Engineers, and AutoCAD Designers are going to split their time in the office and out in the field.

When Do Benefits Start?

Our benefits start after 90 days of full-time work are completed.

What Kind of Benefits are Offered?

The benefits offered at KEI are top-notch in the industry. Employees receive full medical coverage, which we pay 100 percent of the premium for, and their families can also receive full medical benefits, which we pay 80 percent of the premium for. Plus, we provide great 401K, dental, life insurance, and paid vacation. There are other benefits employees can opt into as well, like short-term disability, etc.

How Much am I Going to Make?

This question always comes up in some form or another, and understandably so. A big part of starting a career is knowing the financial benefit. One thing that’s important to know is that our wages are very competitive within the industry. As an added benefit, we are a merit shop, meaning we’re able to pay someone based on their qualifications and experience, not just based on how much time they’ve put in. Having more skills and abilities at Knobelsdorff Electric means pulling in a bigger paycheck.

Plus, we create plenty of opportunities for our employees to learn new skills and put them to the test out in the field. If there are particular areas you’re interested in expanding your skills, we’re going to support you in that. All of our full-time employees receive a yearly budget that they can use to expand their skills and capabilities.  

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