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Looking for Work? We Have Industrial Electrician Jobs

Posted by: Brittney Boe on Mar 7

Industrial Electricians at Knobelsdorff Electric work as a member of a team. Depending on the project, they’ll be a certain number of electricians working under the direction of a project manager. And while there is a lot of electrical work going on at Knobelsdorff, each project is different. We work within a variety of industries, and oftentimes, we develop custom electrical solutions for them. Because of this, our electricians regularly have opportunities to learn, develop, and practice new skills.

Learning is Encouraged at KEI

Looking for Work? We Have Industrial Electrician JobsKEI has some of the most well-rounded electricians in the region. Not only because of the variety of work but also because they are encouraged to take courses and expand their skills.

Our electricians don’t just perform routine electrical work. They also have opportunities to use their hands and their heads to solve problems and get the job done.

KEI is a Great Company to Work For

KEI is a merit-based, family-owned electrical contractor, and we take great pride in that. Our employees are not numbers - they’re people. We have a very close-knit shop where everybody knows each other, and you get the opportunity to get to work next to the same team members a lot of the time.

Knobelsdorff is a Family Company

If you ask some of our current employees, they’ll tell you how working here feels a lot like family, and, honestly, it’s really nice to have a job you can look forward to going to every day. KEI has a great reputation with clients and out in the greater community, and our electricians bring a high standard and a strong work ethic to every job.

If you’re interested in joining the Knobelsdorff team, we currently have industrial electrician jobs available. If you like the company but aren’t an electrician, you can view our other openings here.  

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