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Video: Your Industrial Automation Technology Specialists

Posted by: Rich Kuechenmeister on Mar 28

Although our name, Knobelsdorff Electric, Inc. (KEI), emphasizes the electrical portion of our work, automation controls and system integration are key components of our company. And behind these core areas are the industrial automation technology specialists at KEI. The video below goes in-depth into our upbringing as a business, how we change with the needs of our customers, and what services our specialists offer:

KEI Evolved with Demand

KEI began as an electrical contracting company in the early 1980s. At the time, it was only a single-electrician operated, serving local agriculture and light industrial facilities. Founders of KEI Juergen and Char von Knobelsdorff understood the value of personal service. Their devotion to excellence and quality in their services provided quickly caught the attention of customers.

As the KEI brand has grown over the years, so too has the demand for newer services like automation controls and systems integration. Today. KEI operates in industries ranging from commercial and industrial electrical services to food processing.

Karl von Knobelsdorff now manages the day-to-day operations from the company’s 45,000-square foot facility in Goodhue, MN and in the second location in Eagan, MN, which has a full Controls Engineering group and a UL 508A panel shop.

KEI is a One-Stop Shop

Nowadays, customers expect more out of companies. They’re not looking to go through multiple contractors to complete the same project. Customers want a one-stop shop. And KEI has listened. We have adapted with the times to become a company who provides electricalautomation controls, and system integration services all under the same roof.

The freedom to do everything under one house has increased our level of efficiency — and it’s improved our clients’ efficiency too. More streamlined processes are far easier to manage than managing multiple contractors. Having a shop know both the automation and programming needs, as do the electrical work, has caught the eye of our clients.

Not only does a one-stop shop help our clients, but it also helps our employees grow. The versatility needed in a comprehensive organization like ours allows them room for constant growth, which is a core value for our staff at KEI.

Our one-stop shop offers a better process, easier startups, and a better system at the end of the project. And speaking of processes, our controls engineers know yours down to every crucial detail.

Our Controls Engineers Understand Your Process

Our controls engineers understand your process in its entirety, not just how to write code. They understand it inside-and-out. No matter what industry we’re serving, our specialists are experts in every aspect to provide you with a better system at the end of the project.

KEI learns, maps, and builds upon the process specific to our customer’s needs. And once the control system is put together, it goes through multiple tests to make sure it functions properly. We even conduct an internal test where our team invites our clients to come in and witness so they can make sure the automation system complies with their requirements before we launch it. It’s just part of the KEI way.

The KEI Way

Our number one goal at the end of every project we take on is to have a satisfied customer. KEI wants to see a smooth successful startup all the way through. And this commitment to quality and consistency directly portrays our team in a positive manner. Customers working with us understand our efficiency — better processes, easier startups, and a better overall system.

KEI progressively adopts the latest techniques and invests in our employees’ growth. On top of that, we utilize a highly-advanced safety regimen. People notice the benefits of the KEI way.

Even with our 30+ years of innovating our processes to help industries run smarter, we haven’t forgotten our roots. As a licensed electrical contractor servicing an ever-growing number of states in the United States, KEI remains true to our origins, providing the local service customers need — any time of day, every day of the year.

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