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Video: Frequently Asked Questions at Knobelsdorff Electric

Posted by: Rich Kuechenmeister on Mar 22

Our team at Knobelsdorff Electric Inc. (KEI) often gets asked certain questions from our clients. These range from control equipment to automation. To assist you with your needs, we have created a video below outlining some of our most asked questions at Knobelsdorff Electric:

What control systems suppliers do you use?

Knobelsdorff Electric uses all of the major control system suppliers — Rockwell, Siemens, and Schneider Electric. And we are certified with these partners. Our partnerships are crucial to providing you and your needs with the best service we can offer.

What steps do you take in providing an automation solution?

Our first step is to review our client’s needs. After all, their needs are why we do what we do. Knobelsdorff Electric reviews the process and detail. This includes details like process flow diagrams. Additionally, we evaluate the equipment information. KEI then focuses on creating device lists and motor schedules. And eventually, our team creates the programs around that.

Why do clients choose to update their automation?

Automation applies to any company looking to improve their efficiency and create a safer environment. When you implement automation into a process, you’re making the process repeatable — and it really comes down to the bottom line. Are you trying to save money? Automation processes improve efficiency so your business may continue to thrive.

Why do clients choose to partner with KEI?

Our clients partner with us because of our commitment to quality for every service we provide. This is derived from our desire to truly understand what our client’s needs are. And we directly show our support to our clients by being with them every step of the way. It’s an interactive process. And an excellent example is when our team at KEI designs and builds a control panel.

How do you ensure quality when building control panels?

Quality is number one for us. We have an eight-page quality document with a list of items our team checks as we analyze your control panel. We go through everything. And we really do mean everything. Are the labels on straight? Are there any safety issues? KEI documents all of this information for all of our clients. That way we can provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.

Our team at Knobelsdorff Electric works with industries ranging from grain handling to discrete manufacturing and process control. Automation applies to just about every factory out there. But often companies are unclear on the benefits that go with improving your automation. That’s why we made this video, to share with you how we can be the answer to your questions.

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