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Do I Need an Apprenticeship to Get an Electrician Job?

Posted by: Brittney Boe on Dec 12

Individuals who are interested in becoming journeyman electricians need to complete an electrical apprenticeship first. Here's what it takes to become an apprentice, complete your apprenticeship and become an electrician. 

Becoming an Apprentice Electrician

Apprentices should have a high school diploma or GED to start their program, and having some real-world and/or vocational education or experience related to electrical work is helpful but not necessary. Other skills like great communication, a willingness to learn and strong work ethic are ideal for apprentice electricians. To be accepted into an electrical apprenticeship, the first thing you need to do is apply


The Apprenticeship  

Once you're accepted into an apprenticeship, the real fun begins. Apprentice electricians work right alongside a journeyman, receiving hands-on field training. Beyond working in the field and on-site, they also complete coursework. This way, apprentices have the opportunity to learn in the classroom and experience what they're learning about simultaneously.

To complete an electrical apprenticeship, you need to clock 8,000 hours of apprenticeship, which equals about four years of full-time work. Once those hours are finished, you'll understand what it takes to be a journeyman electrician.

The Licensing Exam

After those 8,000 hours are completed, you've earned your chance at the electrical licensing exam. When you pass, you are no longer an apprentice, you're an journeyman electrician. 

Getting Industrial Electrician Jobs

Current demand for journeyman electricians is high, and it's only expected to grow. Once you complete an electrical apprenticeship and pass your licensing exam, you'll have the skills and credentials to land one of many industrial electrician jobs.  

Don't get me wrong, journeyman electrician careers aren't easy, but they are high-paying and in high demand. If you're interested in journeyman electrician careers, apply for an apprenticeship

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