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Are You a Journeyman Electrician? 5 Things to Look for in a Great Job

Posted by: Brittney Boe on Sep 27

A lot of workplaces can look pretty much the same from the outside looking in. Usually, it's not until you're actually hired that you find out what a company is really like. So, how do you figure out if an electrical company is right for you before you accept the job? Here are five things to look for: 

1. Project Variety

Are You a Journeyman Electrician? 5 Things to Look for in a Great JobA lot of today’s electrical work leaves journeymen doing the same thing day in and day out. But that’s not the case at Knobelsdorff. Our journeyman electricians will be the first to tell you that one of the best things about working at KEI is the variety of work.

We work with multiple different industries, from industrial and solar to residential and food processing. And on individual jobs, there are opportunities to learn new skills and solve problems.

2. Training Opportunities

If you want an idea of how much a company values their employees, take a look at whether or not the company supports employees as they learn new skills. When it comes to electrical work, there is always new information and additional areas to be experienced in. At KEI, employees are encouraged to grow their skills, follow their interests, and become more well-rounded.

3. Hard-Working Coworkers

Have you ever felt like a few of the guys on your crew weren’t putting in as much effort as everybody around you? That can bring down the morale on a job site, fast. When you work for a company, it’s nice to see everyone around you working as hard as you are. 

4. Great Benefits

At KEI, full-time employees receive full health and dental insurance, along with life insurance, paid holidays, and paid vacation. Plus, this year we’ve expanded our health benefits to offer family medical coverage.

5. Supportive Work Culture

Who wants to dread walking into work every day? Not me. Journeymen are in high demand right now, and that means they have the option to go and work for a company that treats them right. KEI has a supportive work culture where employees get to know each other like family. We work hard, and we genuinely care about our co-workers.

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