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5 Benefits Knobelsdorff Electric Employees' Experience

Posted by: Brittney Boe on Oct 17

Here at Knobelsdorff, we have great employees. They work hard, have fun and uphold the strong reputation we have in the regions we serve. And because of that reputation, our company is growing. We have more and more clients and customers needing our services, and we need more skilled, hardworking employees on our team.

5 Reasons to Work with Knobelsdorff

In order to keep up with demand while maintaining our reputation for quality, we have a good number of industrial electrical jobs to fill. So, think of these five benefits I've listed below as an answer to the question, "Why would I want to work at Knobelsdorff Electric?"

5 Benefits Knobelsdorff Electric Employees Experience

1. We Put Our Employees First

Knobelsdorff Electric has a local and regional reputation for excellent service and high-quality work. And, we know that both of those things are not possible without great employees. We respect our employees and we give them the tools and resources to be great at their work. 

Even though we work on teams a lot of the time, every Knobelsdorff employee is an individual, not a number. We know that employees who enjoy their work and feel proud of what they accomplish will continue to produce great work. That's the kind of environment we've created here. 

2. Our Culture is Unbeatable

Working here truly is like being part of a family. Everyone is here to help out or lend a hand whenever it's needed. It doesn't matter if it's something big or small or if someone is a manager, field worker or supervisor, we all come together to get things done. It's a friendly, fun place where everyone works hard, and they do it together.

3. We Offer Great Benefits

Our full-time employees receive full health and dental insurance, along with life insurance, paid holidays and paid vacation. Our wages are industry-competitive, and we offer retirement plans as well.

4. There's Room to Grow

Our company is experiencing some considerable growth. We've developed a reputation for high-quality work, and as a result, our client base keeps growing. So, we need more people who are hardworking and committed to quality to join us and grow along with us. 

5. We're a Merit Shop

Because Knobelsdorff Electric is a merit shop, our employees have a well-rounded work experience. They don't just do the same thing day in and day out. Tasks and priorities are always changing, and you're not just stuck in one area. You're able to learn and practice new skills. 

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